Established 1982
1611 S. Catalina Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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Eat: Main Dining Room

We believe in the farmer, the fisherman, and most importantly, the family. We are a family ourselves, and our nights are spent together, serving what we are proud of in a restaurant we hope you support.

That’s why we embrace seasonal, fresh ingredients sourced from local workers of the earth. We support organic; we support sustainable, rustic cooking; and above all else, we support the small guy who’s just trying to make a living.

We believe that the quality of our relationship with our suppliers is a major factor in the quality of the final product that finds its way to your table. Our discrimination in sourcing ingredients has enabled us to create an exciting and eclectic blend that ties together harmoniously in our contemporary, intimate dining room.

Chez Melange. the Pulse of the Village
The  main dining room - Chez Melange
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