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Menus: Brunch


Sunday Brunch, April 2nd, 2017


Bloody Oink House Bacon Infused Vodka, Spicy House Mix 10.

Chez Bloody Mary Blue Ice Vodka, Spicy House Mix 10.

Mimosa Flight 3oz of Each Orange, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Mango & Bubbly 13.

Bottomless Mimosa Bubbly and Orange Juice 17.


Chez Beignets Raspberry Jam, Whipped Cream 9.

Chicharones ‘Cinnamon Toast’ Dust 6.


Avocado Toast 7.

A Scrambled Egg

Chorizo Toast 9.

Chorizo Patty, Swiss Cheese, Scrambled Eggs, Pickled Jalapeno, Artisan Sour Dough 

Chez Toast 12.

Egg Salad, Smoked Salmon, Tomato, Cucumber, Artisan Sour Dough 


Exotic Mushrooms 10.

Sautéed, Garlic, Parsley, Butter, Fried Egg

Sautéed Spinach 7.

Sunny Side Up Egg

Today’s Potato ‘Rosti’ 10.

Crispy Potato Cake, Gruyere Cheese, Rosemary, Corned Beef, Sunny Side Up Egg

Ham and Cheese Potato Cake 8.

Fried Egg

Truffle Parmesan Cheese Fries 9.

Handcut French Fries 6.


Chorizo Tostada 11.

 Avocado, Queso Fresco, Cilantro, Sunny Side Up Egg 

Fried Potato Chip Crusted Chicken Breast 11.

Avocado, Sunny Side Up Egg, Basil Wasabi Pesto, Radish 

                                                                                   Risotto 9.

Sunny Side Up Egg


Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon & Eggs 12.

Two Eggs Any Style – Chez Breakfast Potatoes - Artisan Sour Dough Toast

Loco Moco 12.

Burger Patty, Steamed Rice, Shiitake Mushroom Gravy, Sunny Side Up Egg 

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hash 13.

Caramel – Red Onion, Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Poblano Chili, On a Sope, Pepperjack Cheese, 2 Fried Eggs 

Scotch Egg Sandwich 13.

Melted Cheddar Cheese, Avocado, Cucumber, Sage Butter, English Muffin -Breakfast Potatoes

Eggslut Sandwich 13.

Duck Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Fried Egg on a Soft Pretzel Roll - Country Potatoes 

Fried Chicken ‘Cobb’ Salad 18.

Nueske’s Bacon, Tomato, Hard Egg, Avocado, Stilton Cheese, Chiffonade of

Iceberg Lettuce, Tossed with Ranch Dressing 

Huevos Rancheros 13. 

Crumbled Turkey Jalapeno Sausage, Black Beans, Sope, 2 Fried Eggs, Salsa Verde 

Knife and Fork Grilled ‘Croque Madame’ Sandwich 13.

Ham, Swiss Cheese, Brioche, Mornay Sauce, Baked, Topped with 2 Fried Eggs 

Rib Eye Steak and Eggs 19.

Salsa Verde, Breakfast Potatoes

Veal Sweetbread Scramble 14.

Caramelized Onion, Gruyere Cheese, Eggs – Breakfast Potatoes

Migas Con Huevos 15.

Chorizo, Tomato, Caramelized Onions, Olive Oil, Garlic, Oregano, Breadcrumbs,

Scrambled with Egg -  Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Feta Cheese.

Eggs Panchitos 16.

Scrambled Eggs, Ground Beef, Chili Relleno, Sope, Hot Sauce

Cajun BBQ Shrimp and Grits 16.

2 Fried Eggs 

The ‘Brunch’ Burger 16.

Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Mayonnaise, Pickle - French Fries

Warning: Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meat, Poultry, or Eggs May Cause Foodborne Illness 


Chez Melange
Chez Melange